This website brings you the best paintings from the career of Wassily Kandinsky, with discussion of the famous artist himself plus also advice and links to where to can buy Kandinsky prints online. Each is available in a variety of reproduction mediums, thanks to the popularity that the artist now enjoys. These include Kandinsky circles posters, framed and unframed art or giclee prints, tapestries and stretched canvases. Our recommended retailer of Kandinsky prints not only is someone we use ourselves, but also holds copyright to Kandinsky paintings, so you can buy with confidence.

The best known Wassily Kandinsky paintings included titles such as Improvisation No 31, Mit und Gegen, Farbstudie Quadrate, Color Studies, Blue, Composizione VIII, Heavy Red, Yellow Red and Blue, Murnau, Merry Structure, Bustling Aquarelle, Gravitation, Two Green Points, Weiches Hart, Black Lines, Helles Bild, Circles in Circle, Komposition VII, Dominant Curve, Hommage to Grohmann, Man on a Horse, Heavy Red, Dame in Krinolinen, Composition Storm, Quiet Harmony and Grand Torre Kiev, covering his contemporary works plus also his more traditional works from earlier in his career.

Abstract Expressionism was a term loosely named after the creative ideas shown in the paintings of Kandinsky around the early 20th century though that art movement now contains many other exceptionally skilled and varied artists who all share a love of emotional expression in their techniques. Many American artists such as Jackson Pollock were inspired most by Kandinsky and so his legacy goes far beyond just those prints that he produced during his life. Find Kandinsky Circles here. This features the circles in squares painting which is so well known across the world.

Farbstudie Quadrate has become recognised as the best known work of Kandinsky, with many different types of art fans enjoying Farbstudie Quadrate as posters, prints and stretched canvases in their homes all around the world thanks to it's simplicity and bold use of colour. The style also suits most modern contemporary homes. Kandinsky is seen by many as not only an integral member of the Russian art scene which has contributed some fascinating and innovative artists over the centuries, but also as perhaps the first abstract artist to have existed in the mainstream art world, as his style developed on from his early days.